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Are You Making These Mistakes as a CPA Network Publisher?

publishers Aug 12, 2020

In CPA network marketing, there’s a lot to know. And, if you’re a publisher… there are a lot of traps that can sidetrack you. 

Having the right info is key.

But, sometimes, the very info that can save you can be so overwhelming, you forget what you learned even a few days ago.

What to do?

Well, we do a lot of site audits over here for our affiliates. Affs reach out when they notice a drop in conversions or a campaign isn’t going the way they planned. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top mistakes we see good affiliates making without even realising it. 

These mistakes needlessly cost them traffic, sales, money — and, over time, makes them want to give up. Thinking they’re failures, even thought it was never their fault at all.

Here’s what we’ve seen our CPA network publishers get wrong so you can avoid making the same mistakes yourself. It’s your best chance at staying on a steady trajectory upward.

The offer has changed, but their site hasn’t been updated.

So common. What’ll happen is one of our offers gets an update. A new book or movie will be released, a new sweepstakes offer, a different set of criteria.

But, the publisher has kept the same campaign running as ever and suddenly sees a plummet in sales. 

What’s going on?

The first thing to check is to make sure your site matches the new offer. We’ve seen a publishers site still talking about the newest Star Wars release when our offers have moved on way past that. Of course their traffic isn’t going to convert with a mismatch like that.

You can fix this very easily in two ways:

  1. Stay in touch with your account manager. They’ll make sure you have the latest updates and help you ensure your site and our offers are aligned.
  2. Join our FB groups. Thousands of affiliates get immediate updates on our offer schedules so they never miss a beat and can even plan their campaigns in advance. Getting in first is where the big bucks are made.

A Google algorithm change is tanking their CPA network traffic. 

Honestly, this one is a real pain in the butt. Even industry leaders struggle with Google algo updates. Because Google keeps them pretty secretive, it is almost impossible to predict and pivot when what happens.

But, here’s what we know for sure, and we’ve seen this work time and time again for our affs. The ones who are smart enough to follow this advice don’t see much negative change in their SERPs when they do this….

And that is to think of Google like a real human being who has a real problem to solve. They need specific, high quality information to do that. And if you can provide it in an efficient, expert way… you will be safe from these annoying algorithm updates.

Nothing fancy in that advice. But it is simple, effective, and the best way you can prove to Google that you’re the best in your vertical for helping your prospects.

Not sure where to start?

Head on over to the AdCenter Academy where we break this down for you step-by-step so you won’t sweat another algo change again.

There’s something broken on their site. 

If you have any empty pages, broken links, out of date or straight-up erroneous info… Google doesn’t like this and you will be penalized for it.

Google even goes so far as to dock users who have basic 404 error pages. In this example, throw a couple redirection links on your 404 (like to your Knowledge Base, helpful articles link, or contact page) and you’ll make Google a lot happier.

Not only does broken stuff on your site make Google think you’re low-quality, your site visitors won’t like it, either. It signals that this site isn’t well-maintained, and that damages trust between you and your visitors. Damaged trust in the affiliate marketing world is extremely hard to remedy. So, if doing a simple site audit (we suggest once per quarter) to check for broken links or outdated info can prevent this, just do it!

Their Facebook ad pixel has stopped working

This is shockingly common. We’ll hear from a publisher that their FB campaign isn’t converting any more.

After investigation, we find out that their pixel is either not firing properly, or their tracking is broken in some way. 

Best thing to do in this case is to check your ads often to make sure all links are working and that your landing pages are firing correctly. 

It’s also a great way to ensure your offer matches your ad and that you’re keeping your campaigns fresh.

They have a low page quality score

This is more nuanced. But, here’s the deal in its simplest terms. 

If Google has deemed your site “low quality”, chances are your site visitors think it’s low quality, too.

You want to make sure that your site is reputable, has great content, and is trustworthy.

There’s a lot more to your quality score, so get to the AdCenter Academy to learn all the ins and outs a CPA network publisher specifically can use to beat the system and get more traffic for free.

You can also learn how to earn more as an affiliate marketer while working on your page quality score at the same time here.

They’re behind on CPA network trends

Things change fast in CPA network affiliate marketing. If you don’t hop on the start of a wave, you will probably be too late and won’t earn as much as you could have.

Added to that, it’s hard to tell sometimes if the info you’re reading is still relevant or not.

One of the best tools you can use to avoid this is staying on top of affiliate marketing news. We’ve found the good people over at Stacked Marketer do an insanely good job of rounding up the  most reliable breaking news so affs can get out there first and earn more. Founder Emanuel Cinca is a successful superaffiliate who knows his stuff. 

They don’t know their audience

Honestly, this could be applied to the world of marketing at large. The absolute easiest thing you can do to be better than 99% of marketers in ANY niche out there is to actually do good market research. 

It’s more than just dong a bit of Googling to find out which verticals are on the rise at the moment. 

You need to get inside the heads of your prospects so that they think YOU are the only person who can solve their problem or fulfill their desire. 

You do this by learning how they talk, what they think about, who the are, and who they want to become.

For your purposes, at bare minimum, look in topic-related forums to see how your prospects use language, what problems they have, what they’re passionate about, and what they wish were true about the world.

If you can work those things into your marketing like site copy, ads, and remarketing campaigns, you will create longterm customers who are loyal to YOU, even in a competitive vertical like CPA network streaming. 

We describe how to do deep dive market research like this in our Content Marketing Made Easy course. It’s the simplest, fastest way to blow past your competition and stop worrying about making the minimum payout numbers for the month.

Head on over to the AdCenter Academy and stop feeling frustrated. Get in control of your earnings… and your life.


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