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Are You Making These Mistakes as a CPA Network Publisher?

publishers Aug 12, 2020

In CPA network marketing, there’s a lot to know. And, if you’re a publisher… there are a lot of traps that can sidetrack you. 

Having the right info is key.

But, sometimes, the very info that can save you can be so overwhelming, you forget what you learned even a few days ago.

What to do?

Well, we do a lot of site audits over here for our affiliates. Affs reach out when they notice a drop in conversions or a campaign isn’t going the way they planned. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top mistakes we see good affiliates making without even realising it. 

These mistakes needlessly cost them traffic, sales, money — and, over time, makes them want to give up. Thinking they’re failures, even thought it was never their fault at all.

Here’s what we’ve seen our CPA network publishers get wrong so you can avoid making the same mistakes yourself. It’s your best chance at staying on a steady trajectory upward.


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